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It would appear that my PDA/awesomecakes new mobile phone harbours intense dislike for Dougie's WiFi. Go figure. So half an hour's fiddling with the settings and attempting to e-mail myself a picture to use as a background via Rogers' website (so that it wouldn't cost me anything) led to the disheartened decision to wait 'til I get home to upload the damned thing via USB (because although I have the requisite cable - it's the same USB as my Zen, which I carry with my everywhere so that I can charge it at work - I am "not authorised to install hardware" or, for that matter, most software, on my work computer, which explains why Windows Update is constantly bitching at me and I keep getting security alerts from the network; CEIT is not what we would call on top of making sure software updates are, well, up to date).

Did I mention I love my new phone? Aside from Word and an MP3 player (though my Zen is far superior in this regard) it has something called Bubble Breaker, which is OMG addictive. It takes all my willpower not to spend all day playing it.

Curse you, Douglas College WiFi.

EDIT: I am in love with this video. Hee hee hee Matthew Perry. ^.^
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