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Chandri MacLeod

Wait, who's our public face now?

The roomie and I found ourselves almost unwillingly watch a very bored and unimpressed-looking CBC reporter interview Celine Dion (I swear, it looked like she'd lost a bet to land that gig.). Celine Dion is now scarier-looking than Jennifer Love Hewitt. Discuss.

(I'm also pretty sure that Celine Dion was high on national TV. Honestly, who gets shirty with a CBC reporter?)

WGA support videos and blogs keep piling up. My favourites so far are the ones by the writers of the Colbert Report and the Daily Show. I find it all hilarious mostly because you have to imagine that at some point during the negotiations, some suit who'd never strung together two words of prose in his life looked at the situation and said: "Writers... and the Internet? What could they possibly do to us?"

Because writers. And the Internet. And writers. And the Internet. Yeah. I can see where you'd be confused about the possibility of them completely Fucking You Up.

I bet that guy is the most popular guy in Hollywood right now. Gods, I love the Internet. ^.^

And when I mail back my phone on Monday, I think I shall mail a box of pencils to Hollywood. Just 'cause. (P.S. Wow, okay, slightly less love for some sectors of the Internet, just now: some people are being really big assholes.)

In closing:

29001 / 50000 words. 58% done!
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