Chandri MacLeod (chandri) wrote,
Chandri MacLeod

The in-betweens.

Is that a mood? Because that's what I'm calling it now. I'm having a bout of the in-betweens. I heard back from Super-prof today, and have now sent both superprofs e-mails to confirm their contact info and explain the arcane electronic reference submissions process that UBC and U of T both use, now. Once I hear back (probably tomorrow), I will finally be able to click "Submit," and then drop $350 on collective grad school application fees.

Ha ha. No, I wish I was joking.

Of course, even once I've done that and there's officially nothing more I can do (except writing two 1,000-word Statements of Intent - what the fuck is a Statement of Intent, anyway?), I'll still be sitting here refreshing the pages over and over again, because, well, that's what I do. And then, in December, there will be querying.

I am going to be having the in-betweens for the next six months.

And then, I am reliably informed, for the next year after that, if the six months go well.


I wouldn't mind - I DON'T mind, in fact, because if things go well it will be AWESOME - except that it makes me all... jittery. Twitchy. Stomach-plummety. Y'know? It makes me want to crawl under furniture, and it weren't for NaNo, right now I might do just that.

Which reminds me, I must remember to take the laptop to work with me. Making a second try at the write-in tomorrow evening.

And now, to sleep.
Tags: nanowrimo, paxverse, school, wordslinging

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