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Mercifully few Christmas crafts for a Christmas show.

Circle Craft was very nice, and apparently not as much of a timesink as anticipated. We got there at about ten-thirty, left at about a quarter to two. I got several things for several people's Xmas presents, a hand-painted cloth headband, some fudge, and a little green bag printed with dragonflies. I was pretty pleased with the haul, and with the fact that I spent much less money than I might have done. Possibly the most striking moment of the morning was when the entire exhibition hall went suddenly dead silent, and I wondered why until I glanced at my watch and realised it was eleven o'clock. Then somebody at the other end of the convention centre started singing Amazing Grace (an odd choice - I'd have expected Taps, but there you go). That ten thousand people stopped doing whatever they were doing just to stand perfectly quiet for two minutes because they'd realised it was a certain time was kind of... striking.

And then they fired off cannons and flew jets over our heads for the next half-hour. That was less fun. And mik100, who jumps at loud noises, was very entertaining.

The expansion to the convention centre is going up scarily fast. It's supposed to be done in 2009, but rumour has it it might be done at the end of next year (I should note that this is thoroughly unsubstantiated rumour gotten via the friend-of-a-friend route). One might even say that they're hurrying - apparently they've been turning away more events than usual since the expansion started, as they're already taking bookings for when it's supposed to be done. All this proves is that there are a lot of really unintersting events looking to take place in Vancouver. They can make the centre as big and fancy as they like; we're still never going to get any good cons. I do approve of the fact that it's possible to reach the convention centre from the Skytrain without once going above ground. I would have greatly appreciated that today if we'd remembered it, because it was bloody cold and damp and windy and horrible. A proper pedestrian shelter at 22nd Street Station would not go amiss, either.

I have cracked 20k, and am in fact working on 22k. And I have now created the beginnings of the same kind of day-by-day timeline I did for Dawnrise. This will be substantially more complicated in the case of the second book, as it takes place over approximately two and a half months, rather than about seven. However, I have now done backstory and a reasonable amount of character exposition for three out of the four main protagonists, so I call this a win for the weekend. And tomorrow is a stat holiday, since Rememberance Day fell on a Sunday, so I might just get to my fourth protagonist in the next chapter, or the one after that.

Right now, I'm going to watch West Wing and try and write about genetics without making the cat laugh.
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