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Weird dreams...

Had this weird dream the other night; it was a sort of post-apocalyptic dream, and me and Carolyn and Keltie were renegades (sort of) who wandered North America Helping the Helpless, but not letting anyone know that we were Helping the Helpless, because, if I remember the reasoning correctly, that would make us a target for the people who Hurt the Helpless. Anyway, we were known as... I dunno... mercenaries or something, and I had a really cool duster and my ideal boots. Weird that I remember that.

Most of it took place in SoCal (including a bombed-out Disneyland which was supremely eerie), which was unusually temperate, though I suppose that the Apocalypse would change the climate a *little*, and the Subrealicore was in it here and there, at least Trisha, who I think was running a brothel (like the one in Tank Girl but much nicer) and Ki and Laer were Water Pirates (don't ask me to explain that one). We saw Dex at least once, and he kept asking where he could find a drink. But of *water*. ;) Lise was also there, and she was a real mercenary; for some reason, when I have post-apocalyptic dreams, she's always a mercenary. Go figure.

My little sister was in it too, but I can't remember what she was, though I remember she seemed all out-of-place.

Man, am I ever on crack. ;)

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