Chandri MacLeod (chandri) wrote,
Chandri MacLeod

*sharp kick to the Internets*

The NaNo homepage is, indeed, running like a gouty rhinoceros. What the hell. I just want to upload my user pic! Let me in! *hammers at the door, looks sad*

On that subject, and the last you will hear on the subject on this journal (except for exceptional wordcount landmarks), my novelling journal chandri_nano is once again open for business for the 2007 novelling season. If you were friended last year, you still are, but if you have any interest in reading random snippets of For the Fewest, please go comment over there to be added.

Tomorrow is my favourite day of the year! The Reg Office is Hogwarts this year, which makes my usual costume dilemma much simpler as I can just wear my Hogwarts uniform. We have a Thestral pen and a Flying School and a potions table and... and I carved this:

Anyway. Must be up early for the thing. 'Night, LJ Land.
Tags: crafty, dressup, harry potter, job, nanowrimo, pictures, seasons

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