Chandri MacLeod (chandri) wrote,
Chandri MacLeod

To chase the emo away:

1. Max Brooks. My Amazon order came today, and one more point proving that Canada Post really does have something against me: this is the second time I've watched package tracking tell me that my parcel was at the post office, only to come home and find no delivery tag. Even money it shows up tomorrow, though I've already picked up the package. Crackheads. You heard me, Canada Post. CRACKHEADS.

But on the other hand, I now have a list of supplies I should acquire in order to be fully provisioned against zombie attack (I've got about half of it, actually, which I consider Not Too Bad.), and also World War Z, which I have started before but never finished. As the psychic war book is much along the same style (though has more narrative), this is something I should read. Really this is somthing I should read anyway. ;)

2. Library Book Sales. The New Westminster Public Library is having a book sale over the next three days, and staying open late to do it. Glee! Finding cheap books for practically free and helping local charities? SCORE.

3. Being consulted on what the Reg Office's Halloween decoration theme should be this year, as an amateur expert. (We're going Harry Potter. Don't tell Warner.)

4. Beautiful, gorgeous, slightly-chilly-but-not-cold, breezy, glorious Autumn evenings.

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