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Book One of Many

I started writing this book the night before I started grade eight, in September of 1996. I "finished" it the first time, the first terrible, Sueified, melodramatic draft, where Arrah was a superhero, in probably January of 1997, for Writer's Workshop in Enriched English 8. I loved it dearly and I was (secretly) convinced that one day I would be a famous author. (I was not publicly convinced I could write books until several years later.)

The first draft, the Terrible Draft, was 87 pages long. There were two or three half-done sequels, almost as bad, though both done in 1997 and by the time I'd got halfway through each I already knew that the first draft of the first book, called simply The Peacemaker, was incredibly, incomprehensibly bad, and other factors of my grade eight year of secondary coalesced to make me decide to put it away in a deep dark place and not look upon it again for three years, when I did not start writing them again, but did start developing the universe, namely other stories.

I started calling it the Paxverse in 2001, during my time at Xavier and after I returned; specifically I began calling it the Paxverse after a 2AM session with friends when we vaguely outlined a story about First Minister MacLeod, creator of the first successful world government, who eventually went mad. When I decided this was the world in which Arrah grew up, it was suddenly A Universe, and suddenly there were thirty or so other stories. I started to re-write the first book, at that time re-titled Suffer the Peacemaker, got eleven chapters in, and stalled.

This past August, I finished Riverwend, and turned to completing this book, my first book. I no longer like the title. But that can be changed later.

For right now, I'm just staring at it and petting it occasionally. And next month, I will write the next one.

Accosted the used bookstore on Columbia today. Acquired were: Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrel by Susanna Clarke, The Singing Stone by O.R. Melling (in the hopes that one day I will find another Melling book that is not exactly the same as Hunter's Moon), a very pretty and compact copy of Pride and Prejudice, and the first book in the A Series of Unfortunate Events series. Also a Redwall book, Marlfox.

Will stare for a while at my notes for the second Meadhon book, and then possibly work on the Lamppost Book, as I am feeling decidedly unmotivated on the subject of the psychic war book. Have tomorrow off; will with any luck get something done. (Not holding my breath, though.)
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