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Torontonians, share your wealth?

Trying to wedge in some more detail for the outline of the second book, and finding I only really know downtown Toronto (and only part of it) with adequate certainty. Therefore, I appeal to those of you who actually live there:

Plot point help the first: if any section of Toronto were to become just about abandoned by low-income families for new government housing elsewhere in the city, which neighbourhood would be the most likely candidate? And by abandoned I mean almost totally abandoned for a period of 5-6 years, to the point where a few blocks would actually be empty buildings. And where might be a good place to create several blocks' worth of new government housing? Must be on the subway.

Point the second: December 1st is too fucking cold to be holding rallies and social demonstrations out-of-doors, yes? So if one were to hold such a thing, with more than thirty thousand attendees, where might it be held? Or would native Torontonians scoff the cold and just bundle up and go anyway? And if they did, where would it be held?

Point the third: a wealthy neighbourhood, or a few wealthy neighbourhoods, probably more in the city than an actual suburb. Places, for instance, that members of the government might own their private homes when not off governing. Preferably accessible via the subway.

Point the fourth: suburbs. And do we mock people who commute from them? What are probably the biggest source of daily commuters? We are looking for a place two middle-class, not-precisely-spoiled-but-fairly-sheltered kids might come from, and still, for example, go shopping in the city on a regular basis.

Point the last (for now): industrial districts? Imagine closed robotic factories. Also, what would be some well-known farming communities within reach of the trains (by "well" I mean "by laymen"); in a universe where farming and manufacturing is being taken over by essentially-automated systems run from a remote control centre.

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated (and possibly rewarded). ^.^
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