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Worldbuilding and the tiny piddly details.

Okay, so, two years into the world government of the Paxverse, they have had a massive push towards upgrading/redesigning the technological culture (for example, this is a world where America has dropped out of the global economy, so no Hollywood, and all "television" is done on a file-by-file basis, via a world-wide-web type situation which is all the same system, as is communications; one network for all, and an enormously complicated one at that). Another example: no more new textbooks, and most newspapers are received via "tablets", which are not too dissimilar from what we'd think of when hearing the word, except that they're a bit more compact and a lot more lightweight, and everyone has one, like everyone has a cell phone now.

Anyway, there are still sort of television sets, even though there is no television, per se - in the sense that there are monitor units that are the exact same units one uses to, say, word process or do other PC-type things. So, people still have them in their living rooms, but might also have them in their kitchens, classrooms would have large-scale versions. Um. Think of the Babcom from B5? Entertainment/communication consoles. But the problem is, I am having trouble deciding on a colloquial name for them. I've used a few different names in the book so far, but I'm not sure I like any of them.

Thoughts, LJ-land? Or words other genre fiction has used? Perhaps I can cannibalise something.
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