Chandri MacLeod (chandri) wrote,
Chandri MacLeod

I admit, I have not watched a Throne Speech live since I could VOTE.

So tomorrow is a banner day! But not for anything fun like a lottery win or zombie invasion.

The "master political strategist" is extremely fond of using WHINING as a bargaining tactic. Ah, yes, that there is a genius chess player. (If you were wondering, "master political strategist" is the part where I fell off the couch laughing and hit my elbow really hard on the coffee table. One more thing Harper has to answer for.)

Tragically, I suspect that Stevie believes this, otherwise, he'd let someone go over his statements to the press before he made them. "Fish or cut bait"? Really, Stevie? Did... did you know there were cameras?

Would it be wrong for me to send our honourable PM a grade eight social studies textbook so that he could review the relationship between taxation and social services?

"Fish or cut bait." Honestly. *mutter*

In semi-conclusion, "expense and upheaval of an election, whine whine whine?" Personally, I will pay ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS if we can have an election TOMORROW.


In actual conclusion, it would have been nice if they had said the words "Green Party" just once in the entire broadcast.

TANGENT! I have just about done editing StP for outright fuckups and plotholes - four chapters to go. Tomorrow will be for punctuation (YES, THAT GETS ITS OWN TURN, STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT) and swapping wild Zs for respectable Ss and restoring confused Us and Es forced upon me by the regional settings of the Douglas College computers. And then there will be hardcopy!

Then it will be a tossup between plotting book two before NaNo, and editing Riverwend... assuming it ever arrives. *quietly sacrifices an offering to the Postal Gods, may they be merciful*
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