Chandri MacLeod (chandri) wrote,
Chandri MacLeod

I am beginning to suspect...

...that I am one of those people who tells good stories, but does not write particularly well, if that makes any sense. Alas. I wish I were one of those people who comes up with really fantastic stories bursting with geeky details and fascinating twists on mythology and at the same time delight people with my clever, pretty, elegant prose. I know people like this, but I think perhaps I'm not one of them. I often find myself struggling with doing both at once. I never have trouble with the story, but the execution...

I'm not sure if I find this discouraging or not. Especially as there are plenty of authors who are only good at one thing or the other who I like just as much regardless, so probably not. Just sometimes in the middle of a scene I'll think "gods, that's awkward and clunky, yes that needs to happen but it should happen BETTER." Like with dialogue - how to have conversations happen without referring so frequently to what they're doing with their hands or what their eyebrows are doing? Ack! I want it to be tidy and graceful, and I think it is neither.

Even more frustrating, I have this trouble so much less frequently in fanfiction than in original fic, which does not seem to make much sense.

Or maybe I just get turned around and muddled by certain turns of phrase and am sick of seeing them and never want to see them ever, ever again. Gah. Of course I can be no fair judge of my own writing.

Thoughts? Or, you know, opinions?
Tags: bibliophile, paxverse, riverwend, standalone writing, wordslinging

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