Chandri MacLeod (chandri) wrote,
Chandri MacLeod

Ooh... so full.

1. Got home without being loaded down with undue amounts of Thanksgiving leftovers. We drank between the seven of us... most of a bottle of Bailey's. Caramel Bailey's is gooooood.

2. Bought a sword (a crappy plastic sword that is nonetheless a very pretty mould, for $2.89 at Value Village, on the grounds that... well, I don't actually own a sword).

3. Bought many shirts! Including the ones we bleached, and SHIT I forgot to photograph Mum's and Ki's. (Ki, wanna do that for me tomorrow? Please?) Tomorrow. I think.

4. Half-done Chapter Fifteen! Am having same fault as in Riverwend, where I get carried away and a chapter ends up twice as long as it ought to be, but on the upside in the Paxverse I am much more comfortable deleting six paragraphs from something, because I know exactly what needs to be there and what doesn't, at least I do after the fact. So there's that. I wrote an actual honest-to-gods conversation between Jenaya and Sylvrain. I'm pleased. I'm also coming to uncomfortably realise that I'm going to have to start properly plotting the second book. Still in the writing-place of self-squee, though. Writing Paxverse makes me squee about my own writing. That's got to be good, right?

5. I'm nearly done Lioness Rampant. Quick, rec me some more YA books! My pile is dwindling to only ten or twelve and no longer threatening to topple over onto my head as I sleep, a state of affairs foreign and disturbing to me.

6. Still more weekend! Tomorrow may buy a tripod. That was random, wasn't it? But no, I need a tripod. It would have made taking pictures of dinner much easier, and would make photographing the shirts much, much easier.

7. Really want to see Across the Universe.

8. I have now seen two episodes of Dirty Sexy Money, both more or less by accident (i.e. it came on while I was too busy doing something else to be arsed to change the channel), and am kind of bothered by how entertaining I find it. Especially Jeremy and Juliet. Weird. Lions!

9. Must put away the laundry now.

Exhibit A: Burgundy t-shirt + paper and fabric doilies (from dollar store)



Exhibit B: Long-sleeved green t-shirt + leaf shapes cut from wax paper


Front, showing off the detail on the sleeves


Verdict: success, but need to develop better control on the spray bottle. Shapes tend to bleed if the angle's not just right. Tomorrow I shall attempt to do a White Tree into a black t-shirt, and possibly dinosaurs into something of the roomie's.
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