Chandri MacLeod (chandri) wrote,
Chandri MacLeod

Today I have...

...written nothing. *shame*

Instead I have... and this is lilymc's fault! Partly. She made me - rather, enabled me, I believe would be the correct term - buy four books when I would have bought none.

It goes like this:

Me: Hey Ki, shopping? I want to try doing this shirt-bleaching thing, and I need to find shirts. Also I would like to find boots into which I may tuck my jeans.
Sister: Yay! Shopping! I will indeed go!
Both: Let us hit every likely store in crappy suburb (read: all nine of them)!

Sister: We have done well today. Let us stop briefly in the bookstore, I am seeking a specific book!
Me: Er, but I should not go into bookstores when I have spent much money on nice shirts.
Sister: Just one book! Fear not!
Me: Oh, look! It is all four of those Tamora Pierce books everyone keeps telling me I should have read when I was twelve! Hm, I have almost filled up my buy-ten-get-one-free card, and if I buy two, I will get one free!
Compulsive Voice In My Head: If you only get three, you may not be able to get the fourth one later in the same cover, AND IT WILL DRIVE YOU TWITCHILY INSANE.
Me: Compulsive Voice, you are right. *buys all four*

...And that is how I am now three-quarters of the way through The Woman Who Rides Like a Man. *shiftyeyes*

The bleaching experiment - into which I was clued by cocoajava - went quite well, with only one bizarre, miserable failure. In an attempt to bleach the shapes of two crossed star-shaped dollar-store wands on the front of a 100% cotton camo tank top belonging to lilymc (the subtext was eventually to read "Fairy Princess Militia"), we apparently encountered a form of cotton pattern printing that is resistant to chlorine bleach. Which is, so far as I know, chemically impossible. We (Mum and I) have determined that it is a magic shirt, which has in no way lessened our determination to burn the colour from it in interesting patterns and shapes.

Pictures to come, perhaps tomorrow. My camera (and my mobile phone, woe!) were foolishly left in New West on Thursday, but the heroic calantha42 will be bringing both with her when she comes to Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow evening. One turned out particularly well; a long-sleeved, deep green shirt into which I bleached brown leaves. I have re-learned that no matter what colour the original garment, one can never quite predict the colour something will turn under the influence of bleach. That said, I'm quite pleased with it, and the t-shirt I did with the doilies. Future experiments may include the use of the glow-in-the-dark plastic decals I bought, one set in the shape of planets, the other an assortment of dinosaurs... those were for the roomie.

Anyway, I must endeavour to finish a chapter, now, and then I shall return to the teen fantasy crack. It started out quite shaky, the first chapter or so, in my opinion, but now I really just want to see this as BBC series.

Soon there will be a betaed copy of Riverwend arriving in the post for me to edit properly! I am so excited! And by excited I mean just a little bit sick with terror.

Nothing, however, will diminish my glee in being nearly done Peacemaker. Eee. ^.^
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