Chandri MacLeod (chandri) wrote,
Chandri MacLeod

Sort of a slow, writey day.

Well HelllLO, four-day weekend!

It is Thanksgiving weekend here in the Great... er... Damp Southwest of BC, which means, with my day off, I have four days off and don't have to be back in the office until Tuesday. I'm at my parents' just now, and tomorrow I'm going with my littlest sister to her very first political demonstration (Free Burma at the Art Gallery, of course), and Sunday there will be hiking, and then the big dinner. I might be able to get a whole lot of writing done. I don't want to say I might finish Peacemaker, but I will say there's an even chance. I got more done in less time on last year's NaNo. *knocks on wood*

It's a lovely Fall day outside, all sunny and just a bit crisp. I think after my shower I might take the laptop and a blanket out there and sit by the pond and write... assuming I can get my other sister to turn down her horrible bass-heavy pop music. Need to get that child some headphones. At some point we might venture to the crappy tiny mall or go thrift shopping. This is nice.
Tags: family, paxverse, seasons

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