Chandri MacLeod (chandri) wrote,
Chandri MacLeod

Oh, yeah. Now I'm really impressed.

Harper Snubs Annual Press Gallery Dinner.

And it seems he's leading an anti-mockery revolt of the Cabinet Ministers, too.

An extra helping of today's Fuck You. You don't think Canadians think it's funny? That's because you're not funny. You're the PM who laughs at the wrong jokes when the RCAF and Rick Mercer talk to you. Of course we think it's funny. It hasn't been going on for a century because it's dull. It's been going on for a century because otherwise, as in this case, nobody would even suspect that that enormous sapling you have jammed up your posterior ever came out.

You're a public political figure, and in this country, that involves near-constant, low-grade self-deprecation. We do it that way so that we don't get so worked up into a frothing rage by your general incompetence that asassination attempts become a problem. It's a central tenet of what little can be called uniquely Canadian culture - our sense of humour towards our leaders. And if you can't at least be silly, we might start thinking you're something else, and nobody wants that, certainly not you. You can't take a joke? Well, you certainly can't run a country, or even give a speech, so where does that leave you? It's bad enough you're an intolerant, inelegant jackass, without you being a whiner, too.

Gods, I never thought I'd miss Chretien this much.
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