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On another note, we had this telephone conversation last week some time...

mik100: (Sounding genuinely remorseful) Did you hear? Robert Jordan died.
chandri: (long, drawn-out silence as I try to decide on which snarky think to say, THERE ARE SO MANY, settle for a slightly sarcastic:) That's... so sad.
mik100: (Defensively) It is sad! I'm upset! Now I'll never get to read the end of the series!
chandri: Well, to be completely fair, you were warned. He was kinda waving his butt in Fate's face writing an eighty-three-volume series of self-admitted Tolkien-knockoff.
mik100: You're a horrible person.
chandri: Well, I'm sure it's sad in a... a fellow human being died of a painful illness and that's too bad, kind of way, but in the context of me being a person who writes and who reads books and who has taste, it's really just sort of funny.
mik100: You're a HORRIBLE PERSON.
chandri: And you will always be a Jorwhore.
mik100: I'm hanging up on you.
chandri: Uh huh.
mik100: No, you're right. I never hang up on you.
chandri: Nope. And that's why I'm going to keep mocking you.
mik100: I hate you.
chandri: Jorwhore.
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