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Oh, humanity.

I had an exceptionally WTF encounter in the ladies' room this afternoon.

The ladies' is always a study in bafflement. I don't understand, for example, why women feel the need to spend half an hour in a public bathroom applying makeup. Surely if you can spend this much time away from your work once you arrive, you could just as easily have done this at home, and spared the rest of us the cloud of body-spray that seems necessary to your beauty rituals? And I will never understand why other women feel the overwhelming urge to have loud, enthusiastic, involved conversations in the bathroom. Especially with me. I'm washing my hands, here. I do not know you. Why are you talking to me? We are in the bathroom. Does this strike you as the prime spot for beginning a new relationship?

And finally, the bathroom enables me to experience one of my personal peeves on an almost-daily basis. The door-open button. Which seems to confuse people, despite the little wheelchair painted on it, into thinking that this is the only way to open a door. For instance, as I was going out ahead of one of the above-mentioned cloud-wafting, chattering individuals, she stopped and stared at me, mouth open, as I reached out and opened the door... with my hand.

Her exclamation of astonishment was so pronounced that I turned back to stare at her, making WTF-face. I don't think I can fully convey the ditzy quality in text, here, so just imagine the snottiest, most stereotypical blonde cheerleader voice you can, and use that.

HER: Like... oh my god. Why don't you just use the button?

ME: *looks down at self* Uh... because I have four working limbs, and a fully-fuctional immune system?

HER: A fully WHAT?

ME: *notices her scrubs, determines that she is, in fact, a NURSING STUDENT*

ME: Never... mind.

At which point I walked out, and she... no, I'm quite serious, she waited until the door had shut behind me, and then she pressed the button. I heard the mechanism behind me, and looked back to make sure.

And then I went back to my desk and wept for the future of the species.


Sep. 15th, 2007 05:33 am (UTC)
I know exactly how you feel!

I work at a bank, and on thurs/fri we're open til 8pm...but some people don't realize this, and don't notice the tellers behind the desks or the people in the branch as they repeatedly put there card into the after hour entrance do-hickey to try to unlock the door. which is NOT LOCKED. as we are NOT CLOSED. Therefore it DOESN'T open. because all you need is to pull the door towards you... *facepalm* consequently i sit at my wicket and watch as person after person tries this and then eventually realizes they can just walk in. OR on one occasion when they actually knocked on the window trying to get my attention to let them in because it wasn't working...(that was a sad sad day)


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