Chandri MacLeod (chandri) wrote,
Chandri MacLeod

B5 310: Severed Dreams


I had forgotten the ability this show had to make me make me scream out loud and leap up and dance. ^.^

I just remembered that I have a model Starfury kit in my closet at the rents' house that I have never, ever assembled. If I can remember to retrieve it the next time I visit, I think I'll do that! Putting aside that I have never made any models of any kind, so this will be... new. No point having a model kit you don't put together. I see the wisdom in this.

Today has been, aside from B5, consumed by some mysterious allergic reaction I am having to something mysterious. It involves hives, stuffed-up sinuses, and an intermittent pounding in the head. This has happened once before and I didn't find out what caused it that time, either. The head-pounding and sinus parts have subsided, but the rest will have to depend on prayer and luck. *glares*

And now back to B5. Ah, my wacky space station shows, I do love you.

P.S. B5 happens to contain my two very favourite ships in all of fandom, and happens to be just about the only show where my main ships are canon ones. Ah, well, it had to happen somewhere.

P.P.S. Except Garak/Bashir. Which is just about canon. Hee.

P.P.P.S. Wacky space station shows FTW. :D
Tags: b5, family, general geek, techwhore

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