Chandri MacLeod (chandri) wrote,
Chandri MacLeod

I have clearly spent too much time studying Canadian history. That came WAY too easily.

The Lamppost Book is based around a journal that the protagonists find, which leads them on madcap adventure. Obviously this required me to actually write parts of the journal, and in the course of this, I needed a reason why a young woman of good breeding and a talent for poetry might travel to the wilderness in the late 1890s.

And that is probably connected with how I just spent an hour checking old textbooks to determine the approximate date that Emily Carr first visited Uclulet in 1898. She has now, herself, appeared, albeit as a throwaway reference by a character who appears only through a journal, in the Lamppost Book.

I just... I don't... how did that happen? How?

Nonono, historical fiction, not me. NOT ME. I don't care how many Canadian history classes I took, I write urban fantasy, and that's FINAL. *firm fingershaking*
Tags: illuminad, standalone fiction

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