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Must read horribly-written Political Science journal articles, must read horribly-written Political Science journal articles...

...I've found a brand-new way to procrastinate. I think I might have invented this one. Someone tell me if I haven't?

Instead of reading the articles I spent two hours researching and downloading, I'm now analyzing my own unfinished writing. And writing down the anylysations. Yikes. There's a certain line in the most recent section that can be taken to mean at least two things, both of which add very interesting sideline dimensions to the character. I find this fascinating. Maybe I'm just petting me ego; but I've never written anything this complex before.

Anyway... this cannot be healthy. It cannot be good. And damnit, the fact that I *got* the research does *not* count as enough work for the day, and I know it.

I do. Really. ;)

Okay. *sigh* Working now...

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