Chandri MacLeod (chandri) wrote,
Chandri MacLeod

Something. Wrong. With. My. Brain.

So do I go to work on CvsE, which is fairly close to being finished? Do I do something responsible and constructive? Do I knit?

NO. I start two NEW books.

I just... augh.

One is the psychic war book, which has a narrator - something I've never done before, and I'm still not quite sure about, as it has only characters, a general political climate, and my fondness for said narrator. It is, possibly, urban fantasy (urban sci-fi?) or something. I have NO IDEA how the story ends or even who the bad guys are. Although dragonfly13, who read the first chapter, thinks it should be multimedia, and now every time I open the file I am inserting italicized descriptions of newspaper articles and photographs and airplane tickets and pictures of artfully-wrinkled letters. (Not unlike Shoebox Project, which was simply the first example that came to mind, and also seemed the most likely reference LJers would share, so. :P Oh! Spiderwick Chronicles. There.)

The other, which is genuine YA, as opposed to the confusingly-resistant-to-categorization-and-straddling-the-fence YA of Riverwend, as the protagonists are a seventeen-year-old boy and a thirteen-year-old girl, and I have plotted out to some degree purely through the device of chapter headings. I therefore know that it has twenty-eight chapters, that it does not have a happy ending, that the first chapter is called The Strange Young Man With All The Books and that the last chapter is called Only If You Squint. I am currently calling it The Lamppost Book in my head, though it does have a working title of which I'm quite fond. It's just... The Lamppost Book. I think it may be set in Victoria.

Screw this. Tonight I'm going to read the XP wiki and defy the books. Or possibly do something shallow and distracting, like buy clothes. DEFIANCE.

Tags: illuminad, irl folk, sparks, standalone fiction, wordslinging

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