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This continues to be the Summer of Geek.

So I don't know what it is, but our Internet has been weird today. Not slow, just... weird. Not even in and out. Just, randomly, "no, I don't think I *will* load this random particular page." WTF.

I saw Stardust with mik100 today. Verdict: DELIGHTFUL. Everyone should see this. Even if you haven't read the book (and we all know how rarely I say things like that). They did change some things, but they were okay things to change. Even Neil said so, so there you go.

And then we went to Chapters and I bought The Spiderwick Chronicles. Um, all of them. I admit that at least part of my motivation for dropping fifty-five bucks on a series of books was due to the fact that they are pretty, pocket-size hardbacks that you rarely see anymore.

I love me my three-day weekends. Tomorrow morning I will clean, and then I will go and meet ladyjaida and danibennett for coffee and cheesecake and lunch and geek and Chinatown, not necessarily in that order.

But right now I am going to read the first book of The Spiderwick Chronicles, because it's pretty and well-reccommended, and also only 107 pages long, so.

It has a map in the front. Have I mentioned that I have a general weakness for books with maps in the front? Or family trees. Or timelines. All three, and I'm doomed. (I blame YOU, Mercedes Lackey. YOU.) I drew a map (okay, BSed-in-Photoshop a map) of the Riverwend Academy grounds a week ago, and I pinned it up on the wall and I sort of hate it now, despite the fact that it is pretty accurate, I just don't like the style. When I made it I was mostly occupied with just, getting it done so I could, er, show it to my mother, but now I'm looking at it and wanting to re-do it. (Dad, who makes maps all the time, saw me taping it together, and came over, and looked down at it - for it is sad and crude and rudimentary - and shook his head and made "tut-tut" noises and said "Have you none of my genes at ALL?" Whereupon I scowled at him and pointed out that map-making was probably not hereditary.)

Anyway, now I am going.
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