Chandri MacLeod (chandri) wrote,
Chandri MacLeod

Still alive.

Fever jumped up twice more since yesterday - keeps dropping to 37 and then up again to 39-ish. Seems to be down for now.

Doing one final run-through while Mum and sibs are out shopping. Mum's going to look for a pretty box to put the wicked manuscript in. Tomorrow morning, providing I am un-wobbly, I'm going to Staples to have it printed double-sided and bound. And then I will not look at it for thirty days. Because otherwise I will simply go insane.

Student loans bastards called AGAIN. After my calling yesterday afternoon after their third call of yesterday pointing out that WE'VE ALREADY HAD THIS CONVERSATION, STOP CALLING ME. And they don't even call, themselves. A robot calls, leaving a message telling you to call THEM. UH HUH, WHATEVER.

They called AGAIN. TODAY. I didn't call them back this time. Idiots.

Throat now hurts. Time for more tea. Hope Robin Hood downloads some time this century. Strangely wanting muchly to watch 90s X-Men cartoons. Alas.
Tags: comics, family, movielore, riverwend, standalone fiction, tvlore, x-men

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