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So, I am dying. I am coughing and I have got a fever, we don't know how high because we couldn't find the thermometer. Well, Dad couldn't. When I sit up my head goes all spinny, so Dad went to look instead.

I hate all the Australians right now, just so you all know.

So I've spent all day curled up under a blanket on the couch, with dogs on my legs, all super-hot cocoony and achy, watching old Battelstar Galactica and Next Gen and wishing I was dead.

Well, no. Mostly I've been resisting the urge to edit Riverwend. This has been successful thus far mainly because it requires sitting up, which is a step I'm simply not willing to take.

And then BC Student Loans called to be all bitchy and stupid and say things like "we totally lied through our teeth when you asked us a direct question MONTHS AGO, and you acted on this incorrect information which has led to the current problem, so it's totally our fault for having LIED, but we're going to make you pay this money you don't actually owe us anyway, and then make you chase after us to get it fixed, because we're FUCKING EVIL BASTARDS."

Okay, true, they did not say that. But I was feverish and cranky when I talked to them and I was even rude and I don't care, because if I repeat something in clear English six times and just have the same stupid useless line repeated back at me the same number of times, I get CRANKIER.


I would probably feel bad about being rude, but I am still feverish and cranky and coughing and on top of that, LJ is apparently making a gigantic ass of itself once more. (For the record, I"ve got chandri at Greatestjournal and chandrimac at Insanejournal (or the other way around, I can't remember), because my name was taken by someone else who wasn't even using it. This has made me crankier still. But, y'know, insurance.

On the other hand, I FINISHED THE BOOK, and somebody is reading the very end of it RIGHT THIS SECOND, I think. Which kinda cancels out the other stuff. Will for a while.

I can't remember what else I was going to say. Possibly I am delirious.
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