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Winding down, winding up again.

I've been absent since returning from the great Geek Mecca because I've spent the last two days at work, and then rushing around getting ready for Dexcon. (I'm ready now, more or less, except for having left my dress at my parents' place, and it's being driven over here as we speak by my charming sister. Sub-note: my dress this year? Is awesome. I think. It has petticoats. *beams*)

Roos, I have things for you. They are already in my bag. See? I can remember things! If repeatedly reminded. And I have Sanctuary pimping merhcandise for the rest of you. (Actually they're little cards. But you get the idea.)

Five more things to pack. Six? Six more things to pack. May need to buy a new shampoo bar at the Toronto LUSH. Hrm.

Funny thing, this morning I looked at my itinerary for only the second time, and goggled, because it said DEPARTURE: 10:00AM, ARRIVAL: 5:30PM, and I went WHAT? SEVEN AND A HALF HOURS? for about fifteen seconds before the part of my brain that remembers things like time zones chimed in with: NO, MORON, IT'S FOUR AND A HALF. YOU GET IN ON TORONTO TIME, DUR. It waited that long to speak up because apparently it's the same part of my brain that was being used to mark down the location of the Never Wear booth in the San Diego Convention Centre's Giant Fucking Exhibition Hall on the mental map. As it's not a great mental map in the first place, generally speaking, this probably took a lot of work and it was tired.

Made it through Comic-Con without getting a new sunburn. Let's see if we can manage Dexcon burn-free, too. *crosses fingers*

Oh, who the hell am I kidding, anyway.

In other, and increasingly-less-interesting-to-people-other-than-me news, Riverwend is now five chapters short of complete-for-now. I need to buy it a pretty wooden box to bide in, because that's where it's staying, for at least a month, after I finish it and before I look at it again.
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