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Pilgrimage to Geek Mecca, Day 1

Waited in line for... gods, I don't know how long. Years. (Probably closer to an hour and a half, and that was the pre-reg line. OMG.) Finally got in, wandered around until we found the Exhibition Floor.

Jesus Crossdressing Christ. I knew it was big, but it was BIG. Like, my brain switched off in total incomprehension of the bigness.

Went to one panel (40 Years of Star Trek), at which the panelists mocked William Shatner (always appreciated) and referred to themselves as "continuity pornographers". Worth the hour in line.

Also was nearly killed obtaining a complimentary pass to the advance screening of Stardust (crazy person elbowed me in the FACE!), and then tater_mae and I walked six blocks to the United Artists theatre at Horton Plaza to find that, hey! Paramount WAY over-promoted and WAY over-booked, and it filled up an hour ago! Hooray!

So we grumbled and got a cab and went back to the hotel, because we were too grouchy for the bus. And then there was pizza. And the discovery that we in Vancouver are severely deprived when it comes to Ben and Jerry's flavours.

Got insane amounts of free crap, and spent quite a lot of money on not-free crap (mik100, I got you a present! You'll like it. ;), and expect to do same tomorrow. Bought a poster tube which is bright green and now no longer have excuse of "it will never survive the plane trip home" to not buy posters.

Booth next to Sanctuary had Trek folk doing signings. Spent quite a lot of time leaning against pillar near Sanctuary, talking to Damian, and staring over people's heads working up nerve to talk to Marina Sirtis. WHO WAS THERE. And then... well... I'll show you.

Marina and Me.

Marina and Aimee.

And then we pimped Sanctuary and gave her cards, and she got all excited about Amanda Tapping doing a web-only TV show, and now she's going to come "hang out" at the Sanctuary booth on Saturday. There was also mention of Wil Wheaton wandering by to "hang out," as well.

This trip is a study in surreality in many ways. O.O

Anyway, laptop battery is surely about to die, must get up obscenely early tomorrow. 'Night, LJ Land.
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