Chandri MacLeod (chandri) wrote,
Chandri MacLeod

Pilgrimage to Geek Mecca, Day 0.5

So, here I am in Coronado.

Yes, actually Coronado is San Diego, but across the bay. Whatever. It's where the hotel happens to be.

The Department of Homeland Security exploded a container of Dream Cream in my bag. Boo. Fortunately, it was in a compartment away from all else in my bag, i.e. my clothes. Yay.

We got lost on the bus, trying to get from the hotel to the convention centre, and missed Preview Night altogether. Boo.

Met up with our people, who gave us free stuff anyway! Yay!

Going to try to see the Stardust screening tomorrow night, and also accost Wil Wheaton. Need to properly peruse the programming guide tomorrow when I get it - we got there too late to check in for Wednesday. Tomorrow - tomorrow, we will have BADGES. I am very excited about the badges.

As of right now, we are sitting in the courtyard of the Coronado Island Best Western getting eaten my mosquitoes and being dripped on by the roof (I don't know why; it's been pleasant enough, right now it's 20 degrees and actually I'm a bit chilly, but it's certainly not raining.)

Um, jbmcdragon and daroos, if you know when you're free Sunday (I think you both said Sunday was the day you'd be here?), um, text or e-mail me? I know Roos said she was volunteering...

Tomorrow evening, all benevolent deities willing, I'll have a proper schedule put together for the crazy-making of Fri-Sat-Sun. Tomorrow I expect we'll be winging it - I haven't got a guide yet. I *do* know that Stardust is tomorrow night at 9pm, if we can get tickets. *hopeful*

I am now rambling. I am actually very tired. We are all gathered about a wrought-iron table in the courtyard each with our laptops, no doubt looking mysterious and slightly sad to anyone glancing out their windows. We like to cultivate an air of mystery, y'know. Anyway the point is that while we were trying to watch Webisode 5 of Sanctuary (later I'll tell you about the magic vanishing business card the Sanctuary booth was giving out) and I kept nodding off (I may also be working the booth! Or sitting at it. Whatever. ;)

Going away while still making sort of sense. 'Night, LJ-land.
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