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Chandri MacLeod

Well, I've read it.

About an hour ago, in which time I have been walking around mik100's apartment in my pajamas (been reading since last night) with my fingers in my hair muttering loudly.

We went to the launch party at the Chapters around nine. (By this point, lisew had already called twice to gloat about the fact that she was three hours ahead of me. :P) That was a very long three hours, let me tell you. (There are pictures. They'll show up tomorrow-ish, probably.)

Read pretty much straight through except for the parts where one or two of us just passed out for a few minutes at a time. Today, everyone else wandered home around noon, leaving mik100 and I huddled on opposite ends of the couch, gasping or making squeaky noises every few pages.

I have... um... thoughts. Not coherent ones yet. (I know, I KNOW, I keep saying that.) Working on it.

At present count, there's one thing I'm annoyed by, and six things I TOTALLY CALLED, and one thing that will forever haunt my soul.

A little. *sniff*

One really terrible line we came up with that probably qualifies as a spoiler, and one oh-gods-fandom-has-broken-my-brain observation that is definitely a spoiler. Please note that by this point we had both been subsisting for twelve hours on pumpkin pasties, ice mice, chocolate frogs and Butterbeer (will post the recipe if anyone wants it), and enough caffeine to fuel an armada of ships:

mik100: One thing, though, Neville has not been teaching Herbology for nineteen years.
chandri: Nah, probably not.
mik100: I bet he spends ten years wandering the wizarding world with the sword of Godric Gryffindor strapped to his back, fighting evil with Herbology.
chandri: Yeah, he was weeding-- *choke* -- WEEDING OUT Death Eaters!

Yes. We've had little sleep. You can tell. ;)

The other thing: in the epilogue, when James Jr. comes running up, telling his parents that Teddy Lupin has been snogging Victoire? My brain suggested that "Victoire" could as easily be a male name as a female one, and then my brain chanted: "Like father, like son!"

Yeah, poor, dead Tonks. I liked her and all, but... well. The cheese factor was UNBELIEVABLE.

Anyway. We all know who the true OTP was.

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