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Snippets of the thing currently eating my whole brain.

I think that years of reading and writing fanfic have permanently broken my brain. There's this unfortunate habit I have developed after a little more than a decade in fandom (and five years studying lit) that involves me analysing everything I read, while I'm reading it, on as many levels as I can manage at once.

Apparently I do it while I'm writing, too. I mentioned before that I am having the very strange experience of writing ho-yay in my original YA novel by accident. I really did not exactly mean for it to be there, but there it is, all sneaky and adorable, and totally weirding me out. Not 'cause it's ho-yay, but because the characters seem to have done it of their own volition.

As a result, I spend fifteen minutes at a time arguing with one of them in my head, saying things like, "that's unnecessarily affectionate for your character," and he says, "but it's a veiled comment, it could be taken either way," and I say "but I get the impression this is largely one-sided, and that's just too mean, considering what the other person has already gone through," and he says, "but you LIKE angst, and this is delicate, unrequited angst," and I say, now a little weakly, "but this is too complicated a relationship for a secondary character, throwaway comments or not," and he says, "yes, well, Rowling does it all the time, and we both know that in other parts of your head you're writing us like a cross between Cardcaptor Sakura and Harry Potter," whereupon I am so baffled by the oddness of this character making THAT comparision that I give up, throw my hands in the air in exasperration, and storm out of the creative brain, slamming the door behind me.

In other news, the cat is saying "hello" over and over again at a blank spot in the wall. Either the apartment is haunted or he is talking to hear his own voice. Either way, he is saying "hello" which is odd enough on its own.

The cat is talking to ghosts and I am arguing with voices in my head. Hello, I have lost all trace of sanity.
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