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I just had this weird flash.

Watching Rapture of season five DS9, it came upon me that in my head, Dolores Jane Umbridge has always been a more blatantly ridiculous and openly cruel (and more English) version of Kai Winn.

I don't know if this is a fannish epiphany or purely the final evidence that all my internal mythos comes from Star Trek and Lord of the Rings and was never really meant to mix with normal people. ;)

No, I still have no OotP thoughts. Not coherent ones, anyway. Maybe tomorrow. I've made a list of Things I Loved, Things I Hated and Things I Could Let Go And Wasn't Going To Pitch A Fit Over, in blue ink that I then got all over my leg, because I am graceful. I have downloaded thirty-something extremely unflattering pictures of me from my camera from the premiere of us in our costumes, but I may or may not actually post them. Some of them are actually pretty awful.

In consolation I have spent the afternoon browsing for new Shackfic (the predictable fallout from watching *or* reading OotP), and I have discovered sheafrotherdon, who writes not only Shackfic but also John/Rodney, and it's all excellent.

I have topped four hundred pages in Riverwend, and have thirteen partially-completed chapters to complete before I can put it aside and make other people read it and pointedly Not Rewrite for a while. I swear I'd be done by now except the chapters keep breeding, balooning out to twenty-something pages and sprouting sub-plots like EVIL VINES. Clearly my brain is overheated and possibly the ink was toxic and I am slowly going insane.

Got shoes for the Dexcon dress. They go wonderfully. Those of you going to Toronto will get to see the exciting reveal as I attempt to actually walk in them. But they're white! And sparkly! So that's something.

Holy CRAP it is HOT today. The cat spent the entire day under my bed making mournful little yowling noises at random intervals. It's now ten o'clock at night and it is still HOT. And my shoulders are peeling. This is Unacceptable.

I can has October now please? :(
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