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Curse you, summer.

So, because I'm an idiot, I forgot to put on sunscreen before going out yesterday. Then I went to sit on the steps of the VPL for two hours in the full sun.

I swear, there was shade when we sat down. Bastard sun had to go and move.

Got both my arms, and odd-shaped patches on my chest (the event was a Harry and the Potters concert - they're awesome, go look them up ) due to the Gryffindor tie I was wearing with my tank top. Came home a deep, watery sort of magenta.

Currently, both shoulders are still pretty pink, and one forearm has faded (only one - WTF?) - the other forearm is still more or less magenta, barring the bright white strip from where my bracelet was.

Also: OW.

I've been slathering on aloe all day, to only brief and not lasting effect. Additionally: lydocaine does not work. I have a good collection of sunburn-treatment concoctions, and one is the Banana Boat I.C.E. stuff, which as far as I can tell, is aloe and vitamin E gel with lydocaine. My shoulders hurt, pretty much every time I move. :(

Also, I hate the sun. You'd think that being the colour of milk, by now I'd have learned my lesson and developed the habit of PUTTING ON SUNSCREEN, but NO. I even bought some of the spray kind, with the idea that if it was easier to apply, I'd be more likely to do it, but again, NO. Because I'm a moron. *facepalm*

Ow. My face is also sunburned.

And then there's the bit where there's apparently a mumps outbreak, and Canada has lost a whole lot of nuclear devices? Wow. Okay. Not doing so well, folks.

Ooooowwww. :(
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