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Losing my tiny little mind..

Just had an extremely weird moment. I just looked down, and under my desk, I sighted something little, brown, and fury. Insanely, my brain said: "Rat!"

Actually, my brain said "What the hell's the otherworldly-looking fuzzy brown thing? Ack!"

I froze and stared at it for a moment, and I don't know why, because even if it had *been* a rat, being afraid of it is not something that would have occured to me. I mean, just a rat. I can only assume that the part of my brain that doesn't do useful things like transmit actual thoughts had other ideas as to the fuzzy-thing's nature, because I *did* stare at it for a moment, trying to figure out what it was as if it was the most important thing in the world.

I realized after a few minutes of staring that the thing was, in fact, the stuffed hedgehog that came with the Purdy's bag Brad gave me for Christmas.

You can imagine how silly I felt after I'd figured this out.

The hedgehog stuffie is now back in his place on top of my monitor, and I think he's laughing at me.

What do you think; insanity, intoxication, or just lack of sleep? No, wait, I'm pretty sure it's not that second one...

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