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...does the vortex-thingy into which the Face of Boe vanishes at the end of New Earth look kind of vaguely, in the closing-glowy-door-shrinking-in-from-the-left-and-right sort of way, like the effect of Jack's vortex thingamy when someone teleports away?

...just, y'know, THOUGHTS. ^.^


On the other hand, there are evidently rumours that there'll be a Torchwood delegation at Comic-Con. Which would be... I dunno... among the COOLEST THINGS EVER.

I don't know what it is, but the Whoverse has this almost magical ability to make me believe the most ridiculous, inconsistent bullshit, and get me the same degree of warm squishy awestruck every single time, no matter how stupid the story, or how frequent the dramatic climax. I suppose I ought to peg that as early childhood conditioning, both for silly dramatic climaxes and for the Whoverse in general, and leave it at that. ;)
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