Chandri MacLeod (chandri) wrote,
Chandri MacLeod

*money dance*

I finally got a spare second to call Canada Revenue about my delinquent tax refund, and wonder of wonders, I actually got through! I was also on hold for only, like, three minutes, which for me and Canada Revenue, is a world record. The nice man fixed everything up just like that, and now they have my correct address/phone number, and he said my return should be sent on the 29th, so it should appear on Friday or Monday. And all that took less than five minutes! Awesome!

I feel SO MUCH LESS STRESSED OUT, now. Having an extra chunk of cash for the various travel endeavours this summer makes things SO MUCH EASIER. Like, I won't starve in either Toronto OR San Diego.

This pleases me.

Plane tickets. Plane tickets. Plane tickets.
Tags: irl folk, life, my people, travel

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