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2007 Serenity for Equality Now screening and Sanctuary Mini-Con Vancouver (aka: *flop*)

Today was... the most fan-heavy day I have had this WHOLE YEAR.

First chronologically: did you know there is a completely super-shiny costume store on West Broadway that sells craploads of licensed Harry Potter merchandise (not to mention quite a lot of the rather higher-quality unlicensed stuff?)? I didn't. mik100 found it. It's called... okay, now I can't remember what it's called, but it's at 3060 West Broadway and they have shows with Harry And The Potters. Which is a real band, I shit you not. Vancouver also boasts The Remus Lupins and a third band called Draco and the Malfoys. Also they have candy. (lisew! I've found a reliable source for Chocolate Frogs! They'll order *anything.* ;)

We stopped at Cupcake, for the obvious (this was the first I'd eaten since seven, yes, I know). Then we dashed back across the bridge to go to Dressew, where we did not spend nearly as much time as we'd have liked, but if we'd let ourselves get distracted it would have been HOURS, and we had someplace to be.

Today, as many of you know, was the charity screening of Serenity for Joss's favourite charity, Equality Now. And that was... well, let me gloat for a second, with the following image:

She's not, actually, THAT tall. She was wearing heels. In the real, heel-less world she's only an inch or two taller than me, which I guess explains the heels. That lady waving her arms in the background is Serena, the listmum/denmother for the Vancouver Meetup group. She has superpowers which apparently include making decorative sleeves for chopsticks. (Don't ask. You kind had to be there. ;)

Back in order, I went as River, and I totally won a costume contest. Which is awesome. I kept thinking "I hope I win, that'd be so cool," and the nice Meetup people came over and asked me to twirl for them, but really I thought the lady dressed up as Inara with all the fake opals or the other River who had gone so far as to include fake blood would win - there was a best female and a best male, and the guy who won was a Wash who had grown a moustache specifically for the occasion. Win. I don't have pictures of the costume - I changed after the movie - but I expect they'll be up someplace.

But then I *did* win, and I got a t-shirt and also this:

Which I put on immediately and then wore all evening, like later when we went to the... okay, well, there was a fan get-together for Sanctuary (GO WATCH SANCTUARY. THE FIRST FOUR EPISODES ARE FREE. YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO. *WAVES THE CRACK UNDER YOUR NOSE*).

We actually had about three hours to kill after the screening, so after sending mik100 on her merry way, we hung about the National Aboriginal Week show at the Art Museum and then, as it started to rain, ran down the street to the Granville chapters and holed up there reading until it was time to go.

The dinner was, I think, about a dozen fans and Damian Kindler, who is sort of making the show, and if you watch Stargate you know who Damian Kindler is and so I'll shut up, except to say that Damien is awesome because he keeps asking US for ideas, and yes. Awesome.

Anyway that was all well and good, except then, to everyone's surprise, Emilie Ullerup, who co-stars in Sanctuary with Amanda Tapping, appeared and sat down and ordered a salad. And then talked geekily with us for about an hour, after which point she and Damien (who were sitting at opposite ends of the table) got up and swapped places so that they could talk to *everybody*. Emilie's going to be in some CBC thing. There's another dinner Monday for the release of the fourth webisode. Have I mentioned lately how much I love this city? ^.^

Finally, two things: listening to Damian Kindler and the other Sanctuary fen talking about Comic Con has gotten me all riled up about it again, and now I am thinking that I am going to do my damndest to get there. I think there are floors on which I can crash, but if those floors fall through, are there any *other* owners of floors on whom I can impose? I would be eternally grateful. (Note that I have not yet bought plane tickets or... anything, but TWELVE YEARS, man. I *want* to go.)

The second thing is... holy CRAP, I'm tired. Seriously I've written this whole thing in about a minute and a half, because I was reallyreally wired all day, and have been propping up with caffiene and sugar, and I think my energy level may indeed have suddenly bottomed-out while on the Skytrain about ten minutes from home. So, I will now crash properly, in the bed, and then tomorrow I will... wake up and make Harry Potter costumes. Because I do not, in fact, have a life of any kind. :)

Good night, LJ land. Sleep tight.
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