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Another one of those good news, bad news things, this time with zombies.

This is a Zombie Invasion post.

Good news: we're back on terra firma, if a little wet. All the Zeds that couldn't make the boat sort of dissolved in the river, and at just about the point we finished picking off the last one the folks in uniform finally rolled down to the bank. Getting back to shore was a bit of a trial, since the captain had drunk himself into unconsciousness and this boat hasn't moved in about eight years. In the end we slung a line back to the Quay and hauled ourselves in with a little help from the New West police.

Other good news: the roomie made it back to the apartment, and has been locked up all day. She somehow managed to make it back inside just ahead of the attack. But I'm kinda glad I won't have to shoot her. Also that my stuff's okay. ;)

Bad news: I was, if briefly, under arrest. Get this: for PIRACY. Some barely-eighteen idiot in a uniform decided to get all official with us over unhitching the Royal City Star. What the hell did they expect us to do, anyway? That close to the river a boat was our best bet for miles.

That said, after the initial moment of exhausted outrage, for about five minutes I was torn between giggling and running back to the ship to become a zombie-hunting pirate.

Fortunately I wasn't the only one to spot the inherent ridiculousness in wasting red tape on little old us during an invasion of the undead. The various people-in-charge patted us on the head and herded us in the general direction of evac vehicles. Most of us. Those of us holding weapons when we came ashore they ushered quietly aside.

Get this: I've been deputized.


No, that was not originally my observation. It was Sean's - he works at the bug zoo on Columbia and is a mean hand with a flamethrower. He's being evacced - he got a nasty burn on one arm and won't be doing much shooting like that.

Crux of it is, they've given us camelpacks of saltwater and asked all the adults among us to make our way down the Skytrain line. The Regiment and the PD lost about half their numbers during the first stage of the invasion and it sounds like most of the rest of the Tri-Cities is in the same state. But evidently saltwater works like hydrochloric acid against the Zeds, and is a hell of a lot easier to put together with a super-soaker (another fortunate dollar-store raid by our teenaged superheroes - unfortunately Jenny and Geoff, the leaders of the gang from the high school, were both marched off to evac for both being seventeen, never mind that they killed more zombies between them than all the rest of us put together), mainly as it doesn't melt the innards and doesn't hurt us carrying it. Apparently West Van didn't have nearly as much trouble as the rest of the GVRD as everyone just headed West 'til they hit the ocean. The VFD started pumping up seawater and they had Spanish Banks to English Bay zombie-free and quiet by two this afternoon. Anyway, the immediate area has been cleaned out, most of the major urban centres are more or less horde-free, but there are little pockets and stragglers and the official forces are devoting themselves to evacuation and putting out fires and sensible things like that, not leaving much time for cleanup. We are going zombie hunting.

Actually, I feel like I should say that like this: GOIN' ZOMBIE HUNTIN'. has been a very long day.

Let's hope my second wind lasts a while. Good thing I caught a few hours on the ship, 'cause it looks like I'm not going to sleep much tonight. Wish me well, folks. Be safe.
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