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Zombies vs. Pirates

This is a Zombie Invasion post.

Okay, so the upside is that the Zeds can't swim.

The downside is that there are about fifty boats tethered at or near the Quay and they appear to be just smart enough to unhook them and hope they drift to us. They're not really any good at climbing, but a couple of them have gotten pretty close. I've marshalled some of our teenaged superheroes on top deck watch, sending down arrows, and lighting up the ones that get within a few metres of the decks - flaming zombies going floating down towards the river are a heartening sight. But soon, either they'll run out of boats, or we'll run out of arrows. I'm hoping it's the former... we haven't got many other projectile weapons, just a dozen or so handguns from ship security, and there's only so much flamethrowing you can do with mini kerosene cannisters.

But another upside: it appears that a lot of the flood readiness that the Lower Mainland has been doing works against Zombies, too - at least in terms of supplying ourselves and locking up. Everyone's got enough food and water to last the week or so they expected the flood to kill power and tapwater. I also think the shore's still got power, but I do know that the Army divisions called out the sandbag the river turned right around and started mowing down zombies with military trucks. City Hall's barricaded and the Regiment cleared all the survivors out of the schools - luckily they're pretty close together, so they were pretty easy to evacuate once the Army got its ass in gear. Our group of kids were on the outskirts of the six-block area where all the schools are. They just got unlucky.

Here's another reason New Westminster appears to have been built on a steep hill - zombie attacks. I bet Lord Douglas never thought of that. But from where I stand up top, I can see 8th Ave has been burning for most of the afternoon, since just after we got out. The Regiment and the police have been clearing out the city from Uptown down to the river, from 12th Street to 5th. Everything on the edges of that area is a crapshoot - the Zeds worked out the Skytrain line, so the advantage of being a lot of spread-out cities loosely-connected is gone. Burnaby's chaos, and last I heard from the crew Metrotown isn't doing much better, though we've been in near-constant contact with a group who've holed up a few hundred people in the admin offices and the daycare off the main court.

Mum, Dad, and Middlesis are fine. Hammond went on lockdown as soon as the first reports came in, and they're just isolated enough that it's hard for the hordes to get to them, moving on foot. They're too far out of the transit net for them to be infested easily - there have only been a few out in Ridge, apparently, and Mum's somehow strong-armed herself into the neighbourhood militia commander, to no one's great surprise. Most of the neighbourhood is sheltering at the community centre, and Mum says after the first few attacks things have been pretty quiet. They're stocked up and they're well-armed, more or less. They know what they're doing. That's the sticks for you. Littlestsis says the Katimahouse is close enough to the edge of town - they're literally right on the ocean - that people have been showing up all day in twos and threes and asking for shelter. The kids have set up a patrol and are keeping everybody upstairs, even though where they are they can only hear gunfire and explosions on occasion, and haven't actually seen any Zeds. All my local friends have locked themselves in their apartments, and aren't moving.

The Regiment's out in force now, and I can see little explosions going off up and down the hill. I'm guessing that they're going to call us back in, soon, or at least come out to check us. The Quay's about the only part of the city where I can still see any Zeds in numbers greater than three or four. They've been trying to get to us all afternoon, and it's got them massing on the bank. The Regiment should make their way down here, soon, and then we'll all have some choices to make. I don't think I can stand evacuating to somewhere and sitting down in a crowded shelter - I'm going stir-crazy as it is. Maybe they'll give me a gun - they must need people - and I think I still remember how to fire one...

...if not, there's always flamethrowers, and I can drive a truck over a Zed as well as the next girl.

Standing on the top deck, I can see Surrey's mostly in flames. Somebody set off charges in the middle of the Pattullo almost an hour ago, and with binoculars I can see the hordes milling around on either side as the bridge falls very slowly into the river. We're taking bets on whether they'll jump or catch fire.

...this has been a strange day.
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