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Zombies: Not under siege, exactly...

This is a Zombie Invasion post.

We just barely made it through, and lost a few more people doing it. Two people from the office and one from the waiting room froze up and we had to leave them. We locked up, so there's a good chance they'll be safe from the zombies for a while, but there's still no food and not much water and eventually...

Another group made up of mostly the main secondary school and some of the shops on Columbia St has commandered the casino ship, the Royal City Star - we're anchored just out from the bank, now, and they're coming down from the hill. It's getting pretty thick down on the wharf, we can see them from here. We keep seeing people try to swim from the Quay out to where we're anchored. Some of them are making it. A lot of them aren't. The zombies haven't tried swimming, yet. It'll be interesting when they try.

I'm really impressed with the high school kids. There are about a half-dozen Grade Twelves leading forty-plus kids - apparently they were in the middle of a basketball game when the undead showed up. The older ones just reacted, got as many of their classmates rounded up as they could, and made a run for it. They're smart kids - it's starting to look like only the smart people made it, mainly the ones who were willing and able to accept what was happening, right away. They raided a convenience store on their mad dash down the hill, so we've got an augmented food supply as well as things we didn't have time to stop for: batteries, flares, kerosene... and the entire contents of the New West Secondary Archery Club storeroom. Holy crap, I've never been so surprised in my life as when one of the leaders, a little blonde in a basketball jersey an inch shorter than me, hauled off and put three arrows into two zombies to give her friends time to cross before diving in herself. The kids came up to the Quay just as we did, just as the Star was pulling out. But they all made it. Hell, they came down the hill thick with zombies and not a bite on any of them. They're calmer than a full two-thirds of the adults, too.

On the upside, we've got plenty of food, and there are weapons, now, after a fashion, so if we have to move or fight off an aquatic attack, we've got something on our side. If we cut loose, we'll make the coast pretty damned fast; the flood they've been threatening for days has got the water level up a few feet above normal. I hope we don't have to. I don't relish the idea of trying to find harbour if it keeps raining like this. This ship's not really meant to do much travelling. It's meant to sit at the dock and let people gamble. The "captain" is pretty shaken. He's spent the last hour sitting in his office with the door closed.

The shoulder's fine, but still hurts quite a lot. Is it weird that at this exact moment in time, I'm more worried about the satellite uplink to the Internet holding out than the zombies learning to swim?

Have to sign off - somebody needs the link to try and contact the New West Regiment, the police, anybody. We tried half an hour ago with no luck. Hopefully somebody's still there to contact.
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