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Movie Night

Watched some good ones tonight. Keltie and I were pretty much the only ones left in the building, so we rented a stack of movies. First was Tarzan, which I hadn't seen, and liked. :) Then Hercules, which the VCR seemed to take issue with.
Then Dead Poets Society was on TV, and that's always good.
Then Road to El Dorado... which is one of my all-time favourites... and for some reason, Chel always reminds me of Trisha. ;) Hmm...

It's break next week, all week. Life is good... at least, it will be until I have to start working on that PoliSci paper on Monday... *sigh*

But tomorrow I fully intend to lie around and do nothing. And *after* that, *then* I'll do some work...

Yesterday was a bit more interesting. It was a sunny day, (for once) so we went for a hike... or at least, we tried. We ended up taking a long, long walk up the highway. It appeared that Carolyn had slightly midjudged the distance to the wildlife-reserve-thing... by about six km.

We finally found the place, and instead of an actual forest/hiking place, it turned out to be a sort of walk-along-the-water... which I'm sure is quite nice in fall or summer, but as it's winter, it was a sort of frozen waste. A bit eerie and depressing, actually. Ice, ice, ice, as far as the eye could see in one direction, and in the other, sort of snowy hillocks.

We did find a sort of observation platform though, perched on one of the big hills, and we climbed up there and had a really chilly picnic. Weird, picnicking in the snow. Really weird. And a tree had, at some point, fallen and crushed one half of the platform. And we were the only ones there. Really, really eerie.

Got some good pictures, though; and somewhere on the highway is a house with a mini-Stonehenge; which we assumed must really be some sort of decorative garden thing, but we couldn't really get close enough to look.

And here's a piece of advice... if you want to go hiking in Nova Scotia, don't trust the directions of someone who hasn't lived there since they were thirteen and "is sure they'd remember *that*, after all..." *cringe*

On the way back we were lured into the used bookstore... and somehow I came out with three Shakespeares (The Tempest, Hamlet, and Love Labour's Lost) and two of a Terry Brooks trilogy (Running with the Demon and A Knight of the Word) which I think I'm going to regret buying in a couple weeks' time when I can't find the third, anywhere in town,to save my life.

Apparently they only serve meals three hours a day during reading week. And I absolutely refuse to get up at 7:30 for breakfast. That's unreasonable. We're on *vacation*, for crying out loud!

The worst part is, we're still *paying* for all those meals, one way or the other, and all the food that normally gets made but isn't this week, because most of the students went home. Wish I could. :(

Ah, well. Things to write...

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