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I suspect this has become annoying by now, so feel free to scroll past. ;)

I only have to finish ONE MORE CHAPTER of Riverwend before I'm at a point where it's a straight, sixteen-chapter shot to the finish. And then it shouldn't take too long.

Okay, shut up, me, that's just waving your ass in Fate's face.

The breakdown actually goes more like this:

Completed Chapters: 22
Partly-Written Chapters: 10
Outline-Only Chapters: 6

Which isn't so bad. Except there's also:

Page Count: 361

...which makes me flail and panic and things. 'Course I've buggered with the margins to make it like a Diana Wynne Jones book in terms of words-per-page, and if I give it normal margins it's a lot less terrifying, but somewhat less realistic and, most importantly, less pretty. :P

*flails, just a little*

Note to self: buy more dividers tomorrow.

Also, firm reminder to self: telling people that you listen to the same song over and over again while working is because you're mentally plotting the script of a children's show starring a geeky little girl with psychic powers is NOT a good way of evidencing proper workplace social integration. Keep this in mind the next time you're tempted. I didn't.

...almost, but not quite.
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