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They released the first two seasons of Ocean Girl on DVD and nobody told me?!

Ooh. Sooo tempted. Except... Region 0, huh...?


EDIT: *two hours of scouring Aussie TV sites later* OMG Spellbinder! SPELLBINDER IS ON DVD! *jumps up and down*

For like, two years I have been trying to remember what this damned show was called. And when I thought I had it, I ended up thinking I was wrong, because searching "Spellbinder" gets you the first series, which they never aired in Canada, I don't think, and the summary rings no bells, aside from "kids get zapped into alternate universe," which let's face it, was not exactly unique in Canada-Australia TV. But today I found it! Hee!

Ensuing thought process: "You can't buy it 'til next paycheque, as must pay for plane tickets. However, if it's been on DVD only this year..."

*in mad fit of inspiration, checks IsoHunt*

*does dance of glee*


Yeah, I'm probably going to buy the bloody DVDs, because I have NO SELF CONTROL. ^.^

Meanwhile, the roomie mocked my undignified squeak of geeky glee, but I suspect she's doing a little geek-dance in her room where I can't see her and mock her back. ;)

*bounces impatiently in one place*

It has occurred to me that once I've got Ocean Girl Season One, they'll doubtless decide to stop producing the other seasons. Because I have just that kind of luck.

However, Universe, (she said pointedly) I would still take Shirley Holmes Season One, even if I couldn't get the rest. *hint, hint*
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