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Holy flaming crap, LJ.

Shaw Guy has come and gone, and all is hooked up but calantha42's machine. The new address will also follow in a locked post.

Well it only took them a DAY AND A HALF to respond. Woo hoo.

Both recent entries in News have been comment-maxed already, which doesn't surprise me, what with my comment being number three-thousand-something.

Don't get me wrong: I'm glad they've apologised, I'm especially glad they're re-instating people.

I'm still royally pissed that it took them THIS LONG to tell us what the HELL was going on.

This is not the nineteenth century. A post along the lines of "we've fucked up, we're trying to fix it, please be patient" would probably have sufficed and would have taken a grand total of about forty-five seconds to put out there. When something breaks, when a server goes down, when something has happened in the past, LJ has always been right there, up-to-date, telling us the scoop. That they kept silent for this long mostly makes me wonder just how much of it was "OMG, they're going to KILL us" along the lines of the paralysing terror you feel at the idea of telling your mother that you've broken a window. You know you did wrong, you know you can't undo it, and yet you just want to delay the horror of owning up a few hours longer.

Or, in this case, about twenty hours longer.

The Mood on the first News post is "mortified." I should bloody well hope so.

I'm weirdly put at ease that they're embarrassed.

The letter I sent LJ Support (and LJ Abuse, and LJ Feedback, just in case) has bounced me an automated "We'll get to you when we get to you" response. I hope they actually answer, though I suspect they got upwards of thirty thousand e-mails last night, so I'm not holding my breath or anything. But it would be nice. I'd be interested in hearing what they have to say outside of the public post.

I'm currently archiving my journals. Just in case. But I'm not leaving. They've bowed and scraped and licked our boots - first two, anyway - and besides, this is home. It's been home for seven years. I'm not going anywhere until they burn the place down, or they TOS me out the window.

See what I did there? ;)
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