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Goodbye, Gilmore Girls.

I am... satisfied. And I haven't been able to say that about a TV show for a long time. And I do not look forward to whatever horrendous reality-oriented piece of crap they're bound to put into that slot next week, I really don't.

So goodbye, Gilmore Girls. You were a good show (barring that one season where I wanted to kill everyone), and you had a good sendoff (everything I wanted, short of another set of twins), and I shall miss you (and all your men in their kitchens).

And may Liza Weil get a spinoff, Amen.

EDIT: The Internets told me earlier today that Jerry Falwell died. I was asked why I haven't commented. Frankly, it's because... it's because you people beat me to all the good lines!

Seriously though, since all the funny has been said, and all the serious, as well, I will say this: idiots like Falwell (and Phelps - mustn't forget Phelps) give me hope for the world. They give me hope for the idea that if these idiots are the most impressive thing the Religious Right can muster, then perhaps irrational, sanctimonious half-wits aren't formidable enough to take over the world. As for Mr. Falwell himself and his afterlife, here's the mature, and universally applicable response: I hope he gets exactly what he deserves.

And I bet you he's really, really surprised.

What? I can be mature and vindictive at the same time, can't I? ;)

ER, MORE EDIT: The second-to-last episode on my TaleSpin DVDs is buggy. DAMNIT. And I bet they don't have another copy, either. DOUBLE-DAMNIT.
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