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Whine, whine, whine... ;)

Just saw a news report saying that New England is thinking about instituting graduated licensing and requiring 50 hours driving practice before allowing passengers or a full license. Apparently, Rochester teens are complaining bitterly about this.

Oh, whine, bitch, whine. My heart bleeds. I had to go through YD (which costs about $1000, by-the-by) and wait a year and a half, and I *still* don't have a full license. I have to wait 'til May before I can even take the test.

(I guess this new rule means no driving around your fifteen-year-old friends for weekend drinking binges, after having had the license for a *day* on no monitored practice and passing the test by chance... I can see how they'd be disappointed. o.O) Cry me a river, kids. ;)

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