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I am a big fat tease...

...because I just finished Friday's strip, EARLY, and I'm not going to post it. HAH. So there. :P

...y'know, 'cause there are just *droves* of people clamouring for the next one, anyway. *eyeroll*

Gods, my brain's been off this week. I made a formatting error in my last post and it's been bugging me all week, and yet I haven't had the energy to go and actually fix it. For some reason I totally thought today was Thursday. Maybe I just *hoped* today was Thursday. Okay, I definitely hoped today was Thursday. Because that would make tomorrow Friday, and my day off. Sigh. Tomorrow, fortunately, *is* Thursday.

Also, 852 views, 10 comments. Bad form,, bad form. :(

Nobody loves me. I needs me some feedback for de-emoing. That's how it's done.

Or possibly, Cheerios. Let's try that.

And no more haunting UBC's Graduate Studies site tonight. You already have a list, which is getting longer and longer with every passing day. Cheerios now, obsess tomorrow.
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