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I do like Sunday.

I mean, barring the part where tomorrow is Monday, but I won't hold that against Sunday.

"How have you spent today?" you may ask. Well, let's see... I got up early to go to IKEA for breakfast with Mum and the roomie, where I bought a) a gigantic plastic tub for storing winter coats/toques/gloves/etc., which is now in our storage space (the manager finally cleared one out for us), and b) a giant vaccuum flask so that I may make enough tea in the morning at work and not have to make it again all day.

I've spent the rest of the day watching The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (Illya Kuryakin is my hero. That time he was nearly drowned in the paste vat I spent two days timing how long I could breathe only through a straw before I started panicking, but to no avail. If it had been me in that vat, I'd have been dead way before Napoleon got to me. Also, Napoleon/Illya was the very first TV slash I ever shipped, so that show in general has a special place in my heart. ^.^) and sorting clothes I haven't worn in forever and a day from clothes I wear regularly enough to keep around, and am going to take the former to the SPCA thrift store, or give them to Mum to give to Big Brothers (mostly because I suspect that if my sister finds out I got rid of four garbage bags of clothes without letting her scavenge from them, she'll hurt me).

Yes, four bags of clothes. I want to say that's a lot of my wardrobe, but I think it was really more like a third. Most of it was from the dresser in the closet which normally houses pants and sweaters, and now that there's much less in there I really, really want to throw out the ugly dresser and just get hangy-boxy-things. As soon as I convince my sister and her boyfriend to bring the truck (technically "my" truck) out to New West so that it, too, along with the spare table, can be carted off to the SPCA store.

Ah. I feel so liberated. And calantha42 actually cleaned while I was gone. It's wonderful.

And with the Easter holiday co-inciding with my modified day, I only work three days this week, and have a five-day weekend starting Thursday! I'm so excited! :D

Saturday we have to cart Danny and Mincha out to the vet in Maple Ridge, and may end up taking Sheba, too.

None of them is going to like this. o.O

Five more hours of weekend. Mustn't waste it.
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