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Reality is highly subjective. (I do NOT know where this came from, and now I'm going to bed.)

I do think we create our own realities. By that, I think that what we believe, what we perceive, and what we allow to affect us is largely a matter of choice.

However: we create these realities with material that we gather by perceiving a supposedly "objective" Universe.

But. If the Universe is composed of subjective realities, what is the objective? Can we even perceive it (without resorting to the mental image, as I just did, of existence as six billion people wandering blindly around an immeasurably huge green-screened room wearing VR goggles)? How do we define it? Or is the Universe as we perceive it, unexpected bumps and all, the result of the bleeding-together of hundreds of millions upon millions of personal realities?

...perceived existence is merely belief colliding and colluding with other belief, by that framework. It's a weirdly comforting idea, really. Or maybe that's just me.

Or maybe it's that it's still not bloody Friday for another twenty-eight minutes, and this week has gone by with all the speed of glacial movement.

Yeah. Probably.
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