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Judgement: FAIL.

Well, one thing this brilliant new OS of theirs has got down is "only going catastrophically wrong in the middle of the night or early in the morning." That's about it, though.

Roomie has been hunched over the kitchen table for half an hour, cursing Vista and its inability/unwillingness to network consistently, or to do what it's bloody told.

Aaaaand back to XP, as soon as we can find an installation copy.

Let this be a warning, if someone offers you a cut-rate upgrade: Not. Worth it. It ignores basic commands, overrides painstaking setups that take you an hour to figure out how to even do, keeps protocols for previously simple processes in three different places that you have to go and configure individually, by which time the first one has reset itself to default. Just. What the hell. *hate*

Anyway. Now you know. Though you probably already did. Learning curve, my ass.
Tags: i weep for the species, techwhore

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