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BSG season finale.

About halfway through this episode (which we were both watching for lack of anything else to watch, mostly), calantha42 wandered into my room, and mused that fandom was pretty appalled about the... um, okay, that's a spoiler. A character death. I think you know the one, folks. And I said something like...

...I said something like... "are they ALLOWED to kill Starbuck?" And we both agreed we didn't really buy it, even though I didn't even see the episode in question and I'm pretty sure she didn't, either.

And then a moment later I remembered: "Y'know, I think there was a Fake Death for Starbuck in BSG Classic, too. o.O

"Hm," she said, and wandered out again.

And then... well. You saw it.

Dude. I don't even watch this show, and I still saw that coming. ;)

If what was suggested actually occurs, I might actually be inspired to start watching it. An end-in-sight to the UNENDING EXISTENTIAL ANGST. Which is why I don't watch it in the first place.

We (me, the roomie, Mum and mik100) went to see A Dog's Breakfast today at the VanCity theatre. I shall summarize this experience thusly:

1. Movie: Hilarious.
2. Puppy/Star of the Film: Awesome.
3. David Hewlett, coming up afterward to answer questions and make fun of his sister, who couldn't make it: *SQUEE*.

And then we totally chickened out going to talk to him, mostly as he was in a hurry. Woe.

But, still. *squee* If it's in a city anywhere near you, I highly reccommend it.
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